Become a Certified Functional Health Coach

Practicing functional health with a holistic approach is a growing trend, thus more functional health coaches are needed to help create individualized lifestyle plans that actually work and address root causes to health issues.

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What You Will Learn in this 16 Hour Online Course

Find Root Causes

You will learn how to....

~ understand body systems in a holistic way

~ ask the right questions (to yourself and others)

~ follow an outlined personal Wellness Assessment

~ create a plan with easily implemented solutions

Foundational Principles of Proactive Care vs Reactive Care

You will learn foundational principles in the following areas....

~ epigenetics and why this matters

~ what a healthy meal plan actually looks like

~ which supplements are most effective

~ detox vs weight loss

~ gut health & how this relates to autoimmune conditions

~ aromatherapy, safe & effective essential oil protocols

~ body and muscle testing

~ natural immunity vs forced immunity

~ hydrotherapy, Aroma Touch, Symphony of the Cells

~ much more

How to Set Up a Successful Coaching Business

You will learn how to....

~ brand yourself with your own strengths

~ build confidence based on your skills and talents

~ find qualified contacts

~ explore different earning possibilities for a successful career

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